Insurance to protect what matters to you

Trophy Insurance wants to make sure that you find the policy that best fits you and your family. Whatever kind of home, car, or lifestyle you may have, our team will help make sure you are cared for and have a policy personalized for you.

Earning your business is important to us.


Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is insurance for you vehicle, contents within the vehicle, and anyone injured in the case of an accident.


Home Insurance

Home insurance is for your home or condo. Talk with us if you are after Renter's or Landlord Insurance for a rental property.


Farm & Ranch

Though it can intertwine with businesses, there are different considerations for owning a ranch than just a regular home.


Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides an extension on any general liability limit (increases how much your insurance can cover).


Life Insurance

Life insurance is for everyone at any walk of life. Protecting your loved ones and assets after you're gone is never a bad idea.


Boat Insurance

Insurance for your boat, pontoon, jetskis, or yacht. Don't let a great day on the lake turn into a nightmare on the water.


Renter's Insurance

Insurance for whatever home you're renting, be it an apartment, a condo, or a rental town home. 


Vacation Home

Insurance for a home that you do not permanently dwell in. Do you have houses that you flip? You can talk with us about that too.


Classic Car

Insurance for you classic car, which takes into consideration rarity, appraised value, and more to make it different from a regular auto policy.


Landlord Insurance

Insurance for when you rent a home that you own at cost to others, which intertwines business and personal insurance.



Insurance for your toys, whether it be bikes, RTVs, or more. Talk with us to form a policy based on how you use it and how often.


Builder's Risk

Insurance specifically for during construction, renovation, or flipping of a home that you own.

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