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What is our culture?

Trophy Insurance's motto is "Education with options." We're more than just insurance salesmen, we're professional insurance advisors who will help you, your family, and your business get the right policy.

Watch this video to hear our founder and owner, Brad Jones, explain what makes Trophy Insurance so different from everyone else, and why that should matter to you.

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The Secret Santa Project 2019

The Secret Santa Project Over the past several years, the Secret Santa Project has helped provide hundreds of children and young teens have a special Christmas. In years past we have worked with local employers to nominate low income employees who could use a little help during Christmas providing a special day for their children. … Read more

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Why Life Insurance Matters to Me

‘Guaranteed’ seems like a positive word. It is in most instances; however, there are several things that we are guaranteed that are not as appealing. If you work hard to make a living, you are guaranteed to pay your share to our government through taxes. Most of us do not want to think about the … Read more

Rancher herding cattle in a field in Northern Texas.

Don’t Lose Your Farm to Fires

If you’re in farming and agriculture, a wildfire can be absolutely deadly to your business. When talking to your insurance agent about how to prepare in the event of a fire, here are a few things that you have to consider.

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How to make sure your insurance is GREAT!

Insurance can be a pain to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be! In this blog by Brad Jones, owner and founder of Trophy Insurance Solutions in Mineral Wells, Texas, we offer three essential tips that can help you save money and make sure you have the best policy and experience that you can!

Brad Jones and his daughters with a buck that Brad has recently hunted.

Why We’re Called Trophy Insurance

Many of you know that I run a Big Buck Contest in the summer and fall, but maybe you don’t know why I love to do it. In this story, I explain how my love of hunting helped shape me as a young man, and how it continues to influence my brand and help strengthen my bond with my family.

Swag & Prize Table

Grand Opening Recap

We would like to thank everyone for attending our big day.  We are so blessed to have 75 of our friends came to celebrate our Grand Opening with us.  Guests enjoyed a rib and brisket dinner with all the sides by agency owner, Brad Jones.

Let's clean up our town of Mineral Wells!

Join our Spring Cleanup!

Are you passionate about helping Mineral Wells be as great as it can be? We are too, so we’re setting up a Spring Cleanup day where we will clean up trash along the major roadways through Mineral Wells. Help us clean up Mineral Wells on April 13, 2019, from 10-12 AM by removing trash from major roadways throughout Mineral Wells.

Join us for the grand opening of Trophy Insurance in Mineral Wells, Texas!

Our Grand Opening!

The team at Trophy Insurance invites you the Grand Opening of our independent agency on Friday, April 5, from 5 – 7 PM! To celebrate, we’re cooking smoked brisket, ribs, and all the sides in our parking lot. We’ve got games, giveaways and prizes for all the attendees. You can check out our Facebook page for an official event page where you can RSVP. We’re excited to have you!

Brad Jones, the founder and owner of Trophy Insurance Solutions in Mineral Wells, Texas.

It’s all about Education

Reliable information is something we all want when purchasing products and services. We want to know whether our new car has fabric or leather seats.  We want to know what vegetable sides come with the meal we order. We want to know if the new TV we are buying is high definition or not.  All … Read more

Brad Jones laughing and talking with one of his customers at Possum Kingdom Lake.

Thank you, everyone

To all of our clients, I would personally like to thank you for trusting our team to protect your family and your assets. Many wonder why I am so passionate about what I do.  Some may think, ‘why would someone want to be an insurance agent?’  A boring desk job where you sell policies to … Read more

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Letters from Brad / Tips & Tricks

Why Life Insurance Matters to Me

October 8, 2019
Announcements / Tips & Tricks

Don’t Lose Your Farm to Fires

Announcements / Tips & Tricks

How to make sure your insurance is GREAT!