The Secret of Giving


In 2016, we created ‘The Secret Santa Project’ to help local families with children under 16 years of age who are currently employed who make less than $12.00 per hour. These families are normally the people who do not ask for help and will not accept a handout.

Knowing first-hand what it is like to come from a family like this, I wanted to come up with a solution to help.  Our team visits employers around Mineral Wells seeking nominations for these hardworking people. Secret Santa is the perfect name as we do not want others to know these families are receiving any help.

After receiving the nominations, we buy Christmas presents for the children and teens.  A couple of days before Christmas, we call the nominees and meet them with bags of toys and gift cards.  I have been a part of many charitable organizations, but I have never experienced the overwhelming response of gratitude when delivering to these hardworking, wonderful people.  They are totally taken back by this gesture.  More times than not, tears of joy fall from their cheeks.

We would like to thank our clients, businesses, and everyday citizens who contributed to this great cause.  It is truly a blessing to help these wonderful people. I think these folks are often overlooked.  It is hard raising a family on minimal incomes, even if they pick up overtime or work more than one job. Today’s cost of living is high, and we feel it is our job to reward these great people who contribute to our local businesses.

If you are interested in helping with ‘The Secret Santa Project’ this year, please let us know. We need more than monetary donations, we also need volunteers.  This year we delivered gifts to over 100 children and teens. Each year our project grows, and would greatly appreciate any help offered.  We are a non-profit 501-C3 organization.  We provide tax-deductible receipts for donations.

We believe that it is our duty to provide the education needed to help our clients make smart insurance decisions. Our passion to provide the best service and advice to our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.

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