The Secret Santa Project 2019


The Secret Santa Project

Over the past several years, the Secret Santa Project has helped provide hundreds of children and young teens have a special Christmas. In years past we have worked with local employers to nominate low income employees who could use a little help during Christmas providing a special day for their children.

In 2019, we are opening it up to fellow employees as well. If you manage or work with an individual who could use a little help this Christmas please nominate them on our website,

There are several other charitable organizations set up to help those who are unemployed.  The Secret Santa Project is geared towards helping families who make minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.  Our goal is to be as secretive as possible to help those great hard-working people not feel they are receiving a hand-out, but instead a thank you for being a great employee, co-worker, and community contributor.

How you can help

Fill out the nomination form on our site. Throughout November and early December, we will work with individuals, businesses, and charities to raise funds to help these hardworking families. Donations are tax deductible through our 501C3 charitable entity.  One hundred percent of all donations go directly to providing a Merry Christmas to the nominees. If you are interested in donating you can learn more on our website. We could not reach all that are nominated without our generous friends who donate.

During the three days prior to Christmas Eve, The Secret Santa Project volunteers discreetly deliver the presents to nominees. If you are interested in organizing, and delivering presents please sign up on our site through this link.  Helping a family who has not asked for help yet needs it and surprising them with the blessings of a Merry Christmas is an amazing experience. These wonderful people are shocked and many times break into tears of gratitude and happiness. We love doing this each year and appreciate all who help this great cause.

Learn more about The Secret Santa Project, and how you can nominate, donate, and volunteer today!

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