What’s not in a homeowner’s policy?


If you know me, you know I care about educating our clients about insurance and how it can make your worst day a much better one.  As I take a look back through our agency’s claims, I am reminded of the importance of coverage and education.  The essence of our job is to make sure you understand your coverage, the options you have, and provide the education needed to make smart buying decisions.  Here is some information that may better inform you.

Endorsements not included in a regular homeowner’s policy

  • Backup Sewer and Draincan be added to a home policy with an additional premium. It covers your home in the case a city or other entity’s sewer system fails, backing up through your toilet and drains.  The rule of thumb is if it is your waste it is covered, if it is someone else’s you would need this endorsement to protect your home.
  • Jewelry, Guns, and Art Floatersprotect your property not only from the normal perils of your home policy, but protect these items from mysterious disappearance. If you come home and your expensive watch is missing and you know the only person at your home was the cleaning or the babysitter, it would not be covered.  The peril of burglary is not present.  In addition to this a home policy has limitations on the amount it will pay per item with an aggregate limit for additional items. 
  • Separate Structures- covers your other buildings, shop, fences, detached rockwork, dock, gates, and other real property on your premises.   This is something that can be forgotten about after the initial policy is written. If someone adds a large shop on their property, there may not be enough coverage if our agency is not notified. Having the correct separate structures limits insure that you are properly covered.
  • Additional Premises- extends your personal liability to other property (other than commercial) you own. If you own a lot and a neighborhood child were hurt playing on this property, there may not be coverage, unless we have listed this property on the policy if you were sued.  This endorsement is very cheap, many times less than $5.00 per year.

These are just a few of the endorsements that can be added to home policy. Feel free to call our office and discuss the many endorsements we have to offer.

We believe that it is our duty to provide the education needed to help our clients make smart insurance decisions. Our passion to provide the best service and advice to our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.