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We're small business owners, so we know what other small business owners worry about. Work with us to make sure that out of all the complicated processes involved in running your business, insurance is one of the simplest.

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What can we insure?

Our agency helps provide insurance for contractors, restaurant owners, auto service businesses, professional offices, retail businesses, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, hotel and hospitality businesses, non-profits, trucking businesses, entertainment, and more. If you don't see your business listed, just reach out to us, and we will help you create a policy that is unique to your situation.

Let Trophy Insurance help you with insurance for your business, small or large, in the Texas or Oklahoma areas.

General Liability

The most common business insurance that can cover injuries, building damage, or other business-related claims.

Let Trophy Insurance help you by increasing your liability limits for your business, especially if you are likely to be sued.

Commercial Umbrella

Insurance that can increase the liability limits for common policy types. Extremely important if your company is at high risk for lawsuits.

Let Trophy Insurance help you with insurance for your commercial auto vehicles.

Commercial Auto

Insurance for vehicles driven for, or on behalf of your business, such as delivery vehicles or a small taxi business.

Let Trophy Insurance help you with insurance for your commerial fleets or trucks.

Commercial Fleet

Insurance for vehicles that would be part of a large trucking or transportation business, at least three vehicles, with some policies not possible until 15.

Let Trophy Insurance help you with Insurance to cover any employees who are injured on the job.

Worker's Compensation

Insurance to cover the cost of an employee injured during a work-related accident or incident. Helps cover both medical expenses and lawsuits.

Let Trophy help you by protecting your business from upset employees or potential applicants.

Employment Practices Liability

This insurance helps protect costs made in lawsuits based around discrimination, wrongful termination, or harassment.

Let Trophy Insurance help you with insurance that protects you from data leaks.

Cyber Liability

Insurance to protect your business in the event of client data leaks online. Can help cover identity theft repayment, credit monitoring services, and more.

Let Trophy Insurance help you by providing insurance for your business if you use tools as part of your daily operations.

Equipment Breakdown

This insurance can help cover costs related to replacing or repairing equipment necessary to run a business (tools, machinery, or computer systems).

Let Trophy Insurance help you by providing insurance that can cover time lost from your business in the case that you are unable to go about your daily operations.

Business Interruption

This insurance helps cover costs when the business has to be shut down due to disasters. Talk with us about your area and what you may need to include.

Let Trophy Insurance help protect your business by making sure nobody can sue you for lack of employee benefits.

Employee Benefits Liability

This can help cover costs if you did not include an employee on a contractual benefit plan (for example, an employee getting surgery then finding out they were not enrolled in healthcare coverage).

Let Trophy Insurance help you with insurance for when you run a garage or auto mechanic business.

Garage Keepers

This insurance is meant for business owners who frequently keep vehicles in a specific location, such as a garage or workshop.

Let Trophy Insurance help you with insurance to protect you from errors & ommissions in your business.

Professional Liability

Usually known as errors & ommissions insurance, this covers you from mistakes in billing or accounting that cost your clients money.

Let Trophy Insurance help you by protecting you against employees who would harm you and your clients.

Employee Dishonesty

Coverage for employee theft from your business or clients’ business. This policy can be combined with Computer Fraud Coverage. Talk with us to learn more.


...and more!

These are the primary services listed, but we do even more than this. If you don't see what you need listed, contact us and we can create a custom policy just for you and your situation!